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Best Rainy Day Activities in Charleston

rage room in charleston, sc

When gloomy skies threaten to wash out your Charleston adventures, don’t let the bad weather rain on your parade! This charming southern city offers many awesome indoor activities to stay happily occupied until the sun returns. From surprising thrills to cultural enrichment, here are Charleston’s top rainy day activities to explore.

Miniature Golf

Why let a few raindrops put a damper on your putting game? At Chucktown Activities, you can enjoy a unique indoor miniature golf experience unlike anything you’ve ever played before! 

Our wildly creative Putt Town course ditches boring basics for wacky obstacle-filled holes, hidden tricks and even the chance for fellow players to sabotage your shots with devious booby traps! Grab a putter and prepare for a few hilarious rounds of pure putt-putt madness on this indoor miniature golf in Charleston, SC.

Axe Throwing 

When dark clouds roll in, unleash your inner lumberjack with an adrenaline-pumping indoor session of axe throwing in Charleston. Our crew at Chucktown Activities will coach you through the art of chucking real axes at wooden targets in a safe, regulated environment.

Think you have what it takes to nail the bullseye? This rustic indoor activity is the perfect active escape from dreary weather.

Plate Smashing

If gloomy skies have you feeling cooped up and restless, it’s time to discover the city’s most cathartic indoor activity—plate smashing in Charleston

You can unleash primal screams at Chucktown’s rage room as you hurl ceramic dishes down reinforced lanes, watching them shatter into millions of satisfying pieces. It’s the perfect full-body, full-volume stress reliever for rainy day pent-up frustrations.

South Carolina Aquarium

Get transported to an immersive underwater wonderland at the South Carolina Aquarium. With marine exhibits showcasing sharks, rays and thousands of other mesmerizing sea creatures, you won’t notice the rain clouds outside.

Stroll through a forest of towering pyramids, experience hands-on interactive encounters and discover new oceanic worlds without getting drenched.

The Charleston Museum

Step into history at The Charleston Museum, the oldest museum in the United States. On a rainy day, explore exhibits on natural history, decorative arts and Charleston’s incredible cultural heritage. 

The museum offers a look at the area’s past, from ancient fossils to Civil War relics. It’s a fantastic way to engage with Charleston’s history and learn something new, making it a must-visit indoor activity.

Children's Museum of the Lowcountry

Keep the kids endlessly entertained (and your sanity intact!) at the whimsical Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. This vibrant world of hands-on exhibits is carefully designed to ignite young minds through creative play and learning.

They can explore the physics of flight, perform on stage, construct knight’s armor and discover numerous different special events—a true indoor playground for rainy day adventures.

Charleston City Market (Indoor Portion)

Need to indulge your shopping fix while the rain falls outside? Wander the indoor corridors of Charleston’s iconic City Market, where local artisans, craftspeople and Lowcountry hawkers sell their wares. From iconic sweetgrass baskets to artisan foods and apparel, you’ll find the perfect souvenirs while staying blissfully dry.

The Gibbes Museum of Art

Visit the The Gibbes Museum of Art on a rainy day for a dose of culture. The museum houses an impressive collection of American art, primarily from the Charleston area. Explore rotating exhibitions and permanent collections that showcase the region’s artistic heritage.

The Gibbes Museum offers a calming and enriching experience, providing a perfect indoor escape where you can appreciate beauty and creativity.

Catch a Movie at the Terrace Theater

There’s nothing quite like the cozy ambiance of an independent theater on a rainy day or night in Charleston. Buy popcorn and snuggle into a plush recliner to catch the latest releases at nostalgic venues like the Terrace Theater. You can’t beat an old-school cinema escape when storms are raging outside!

Bowling at Ashley Lanes Tavern

Head to Ashley Lanes Tavern for the ultimate indoor fun. This place isn’t just about staying dry—it’s about having a blast! While bowling, you'll strike out boredom and score big on fun. Plus, there’s a bar and yummy snacks to keep you fueled. Whether you’re a pro bowler or just rolling for laughs, Ashley Lanes Tavern is your go-to rainy day hangout.

Don’t Let Rain Ruin Your Day—Explore Charleston’s Best Indoor Activities!

While Charleston’s gloomy weather might temporarily dampen your travel plans, the unique indoor activities in Charleston, SC, at Chucktown Activities are always in full swing! From axe throwing competitions to gloriously messy plate smashing and The Floor is Lava, our one-of-a-kind venue provides the perfect active, upbeat escape from rainy day blues. 

Don’t let gray skies stop your fun—book your indoor excitement at Chucktown today for thrills that will make you forget all about the storm clouds overhead.